Photo Gallery: AZEK Kit Pergolas

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Walpole Outdoors Pergola Kits feature exceptional style and unmatched construction. Standard pergola kits are crafted in your low maintenance wood alternative AZEK and fit a wide variety of outdoor locations.

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5 Mid-Summer Projects

We’re deep in the midst of summer and there’s no better time to get those outdoor projects done. Before the evening sunlight begins to fade and the leaves fall, get that outdoor list fully checked off.

1. Take Charge of Storage

The Pine Harbor collection of sheds and small buildings includes the Pine Harbor Classic Shed Series and the Pine Harbor Signature Building Series.

The Pine Harbor collection of sheds and small buildings includes the Classic Shed Series and the Signature Building Series.

When winter hits you are going to hurry to store all of your tools, planters, pots and other outdoor accessories. Now is the best time to get storage squared away – you have time to shop and time to build.

You can take the leap and finally get that beautiful and spacious storage shed you’ve always had your eye on or go for something that will meet the needs of right now like the Cedar Cubby storage unit. Now is also time to tackle the constant struggle of pool area storage. Never lose a noodle again!

2. Add A Visual Focus

It’s always wise to do your building when the ground isn’t frozen solid. So that’s why now is the time to get started on that outdoor visual focus. Whether a sculpture, fountain or structure a visual focus is a piece of decor that ties your outdoor space together. Now is a great time to shop for ideas and get your yard ready for installation.

3. Try Raised Beds

If you love to garden but don’t have the best area or soil for gardening trying your hand at a raised bed could be beneficial before the summer comes to a close. Raised beds allow you to garden with better soil conditions on top of your yard or spruce up an area with a little contained nature. You can buy quality cedar raised beds from us or build your own!

4. Fix Your Fence

If you’re fence isn’t pristine and you aren’t ready for a new one take time this summer to make repairs and prep for the coming cold. Now is the time to make fixes to your wood fence to keep it functional and vertical for the winter. Take some time to repaint or stain and sure up any areas lacking structural integrity. Getting this done while the sun is shining will make your life a whole lot easier than digging through leaves or snow.

5. Add Some Fire!

Fire Bowl with Full Moon Party Fire Screen

Fire Bowl with Full Moon Party Fire Screen

What better way to enjoy the summer nights than around a fire?! This is an addition that doesn’t have to be permanent or costly and can expand your outdoor enjoyment well into winter.

If you want to take on a project build your own DIY fire pit or seating area just take a look online or talk to a friend with a setup you envy. If you would rather leave the fire to the pros you can focus on creating a cozy seating area around a fire bowl. This new space can be enjoyed anytime the sky is clear!

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Outdoor Solutions: Kit Pergolas

Adding a place of interest or an outdoor focal point can be invaluable for any business, store, government building, country club, restaurant, school or sports and leisure center. Creating a space for people to relax, eat or otherwise just enjoy the outdoors is key in creating a relaxing and stress-free environment. Creating that space can also be stress-free as well with the simple and beautiful Walpole priced pergola kits.


A kit pergola could be just what your backyard needs.

If you don’t want to spend the money or time building a custom structure our selection of priced pergola kits is the perfect solution for you. Each pergola is crafted in finely sources materials including natural western red cedar and the low-maintenance wood alternative AZEK. Available in a variety of styles priced kit pergolas can add unmeasurable value and interest to an outdoor space of any kind and last for years and years to come with little to no maintenance required. Contractors can offer them to their clients, buy them from Walpole and install them with ease.

Why a priced kit pergola from Walpole Outdoors?



Completely Pre-Manufactured: No fabrication in the field is required. Components arrive pre-fabricated and factory finished. Structurally reinforced seamless beams are pre-drilled, and joists pre-notched.

Easy To Install: Unskilled workers find it easy from start to finish. Assembly components include uncomplicated brackets and fasteners. These are powder-coated stainless steel. See how simple the installation will be. Call and we’ll send you the installation instructions.

More Size and Style Options: Freestanding or attached, from 10′ x 10′ to 14′ x 14′, with straight or arched tops, rounded or square columns. Unlike other pergola kits, Walpole pergola sizes are measured from the center of the columns, and our beams project 24″ beyond the center of the columns. Our construction includes more joists and laths, providing a more attractive spacing.

Versatile: Can be quickly erected anywhere – hardscaping (bluestone, pavers) or on a deck. All of our kits – including Walpole Extruded Vinyl Pergolas – have sturdy construction to accept a manually-operated ShadeFX canopy.

Completely Factory Finished: Sherwin-Williams® VinylSafe paint with a 25-year warranty so you can get the perfect color to match your outdoor space.

Smart Delivery: Arrives in wrapped pallets with easy-to-follow detailed instructions for even a novice installer. Motorized or manual shade canopies optional.


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Enhance Your Entryway With An Arbor

Outdoor structures are an easy way to enhance the natural beauty of your home or garden, enhance your landscaping and create an inviting atmosphere. A structure also serves as a visual focal point that can really add a boost to your home’s curb appeal and be the basis for an area of visual interest you can build upon. Though all structures accomplish this none do so quite as easily as a classic arbor.

Arbors can be used along with fencing and gates, hedges and perimeter landscaping, footpaths, or just by itself to establish an entryway to a garden area. The structures are versatile and have a simple elegance. Choose a graceful arch top or a flat pergola top with or without lattice panels.

One of the best things about an arbor is it’s simplicity. Here are a few standard arbor designs that can fit into virtually any outdoor area…

Plantation Arbor

The Plantation Arbor with Hyannis swing.

The Plantation Arbor with Hyannis swing.

With its handsome good looks, the Plantation Arbor is always an inviting attraction, no matter where it is located in the garden. It measures 6-feet wide with 4-inch square vinyl posts and three sturdy carrying beams. The horizontal/vertical lattice side panels are 6-feet high with 2½ inch openings. Sold with our comfortable 4-foot Hyannis porch swing which is crafted from low maintenance recycled material.

This wide arbor looks great with a swing or just to frame a larger entryway. Utilize the lattice panels and pergola style top to grow vertically!

Standard Spindle Top Arbor

The classic arched-top arbor.

The classic arched-top arbor.

If your vision for an arbor includes a graceful arch the Standard Spindle Top Arbor is your best bet.

This arbor is the classic look that many homeowners envision for their homes. The arched top is flanked by two lattice side panels that compliment any style fencing and can be used as an anchor to climbing plants of any variety.

This design looks great with a fence and gate but can also be a great addition to a stone or gravel footpath to create a little bit of whimsy.

Crafted in AZEK cellular PVC with 4-inch square posts with 3 1/2 inch square arch. 5-foot high horizontal/vertical lattice side panels with 38-inch depth.

Standard Garden Arbor

The versatile Garden Arbor.

The versatile Garden Arbor.

Walpole arbors make a grand entrance no matter the architecture of your home or where you choose to locate them. Our standard 6-foot wide Garden Arbor has 4-inch square posts, and a 4-inch square decorative carrying beam. The impressive pergola-style top is complemented by horizontal/vertical lattice side panels.

The Garden arbor is handcrafted in low maintenance AZEK cellular PVC. This advanced vinyl has the weight and look of natural wood, yet it won’t rot, warp, or crack, and will hold its pristine looks for years with little-to-no effort required.

While we offer a wide selection of standard arbors, we will work with your ideas to create the perfect customized structure to meet your location, taste, and needs. Our arbors are factory prepainted so there no mess during installation.

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Creating A Stone or Brick Garden Path

If you scroll through Pinterest enough you will find yourself dreaming of a garden pathway that looks like it was ripped straight from a fairytale. Lush greens and flowers growing wildly surround a rustic stone pathway that leads to anywhere and everywhere.

Image this path beginning with an arbor covered in v vines and blooms! (Pinterest)

Image this path beginning with an arbor covered in vines and blooms! (Pinterest)

Well, you’ve got your arbor (that was easy) now it’s time to get your hands dirty! If you want that etherial pathway lined with flowers you first have to plan and define it.

Creating your own garden path may seem like a real chore but it can be fun and simple if you plan ahead and have the right tools…and like a bit of hard work!

Materials: First you have to choose what kind of path you are going to create. Do you want to use stone? Brick? Gravel? Or something more organic like mulch? Deciding on your material makes a huge difference in how you are going to create the path. So first look at the space you have and the aesthetic. If you don’t have so much room maybe a path of large stones won’t work. For a stone or brick path keep on reading!

Measure and dig: With string and pegs measure and map out your path. Remember if you want a certain edging to include that when you measure. From there dig enough dirt out to accommodate the sand and gravel that will make up the bottom of the pathway. Also remember to make the path slant at an angle sightly for proper drainage. Once that is finished use some wood to enclose the pathway by securing it to the pegs you added to map out the path earlier.

Gravel and stone: Get your gravel and spread a layer on the pathway, tamping it down afterwards. Next spread a layer of sand making sure it is perfectly level and filled. After you can lay your stone or brick into the sand, tamping them down so they are securely in the sand and level with each other. After you are finished fill the gaps between bricks or stones with fine sand, finishing off with some more decorative gravel on the surface.

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Photo Gallery – Home Curb Appeal

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Photo Gallery – Commercial Curb Appeal

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Photo Gallery: Enclosures

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Summer Essentials: Outdoor Shower

Before you know it the sun will be shining and the mercury rising! Summer is finally here.

The only way to truly enjoy the season is by spending as much time outside as you can… which is precisely why now is the time to install that outdoor shower.

If you have a pool or live by the beach an outdoor shower is a no-brainer and can save your interior from salt, sand and water damage. But not only is it practical, it’s actually a lot of fun too! Enjoy the warmth when you move your daily shower outside – it’s a simple pleasure that can make a big difference in how you start your day.

Walpole Outdoors has a wide variety of options when it comes to outdoor showers. You can find designs in both natural cedar and AZEK low-maintenance wood alternative. Standard kit showers come in 15 styles both attached and free-standing so you can place it wherever you want. You can also get a custom shower installed to incorporate your home’s unique look.

Walpole Woodworkers

Custom AZEK shower with inlaid lattice.

Free-standing outdoor shower enclosure kit in AZEK with Pergola.

23182_2014-10-03 05.24.37

Attached outdoor shower kit crafted in AZEK.


Chatham Outdoor Shower Enclosure Kit in AZEK.

WW4018- 14

Step into the privacy of a Walpole shower, and relax in comfort. Add even more comfort to your enclosure with towel racks, utility cabinets, cedar decking and more.


Combined with an attractive privacy fence, this custom shower enclosure located in the corner of the deck smartly meets the needs of the outdoor location.


This handsome Walpole Chatham shower enclosure with separate changing area is crafted in natural cedar and stained gray by the owner.


In crafting and installing a custom AZEK cellular PVC Sandwich shower enclosure, Walpole incorporated the homeowner’s request for an adjoining 6’ high by 3’ wide AZEK gate.


This tall custom enclosure surrounds AC units that have been raised above the high water mark. Included within the structure is a Walpole outdoor shower unit.

Outdoor showers also come in natural cedar.

Outdoor showers also come in natural cedar.


Outdoor shower backless Cedar or AZEK cabinet with two shelves for shampoo and soap. We also offer mirrors to match!

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Custom Enclosures For Unique Spaces

Sometimes a standard structure just isn’t what you are looking for. Your home, business or development is a unique space and deserves an enclosure that will both stand out and blend in as well as suit your specific needs.

Custom Color Chatham Shower Enclosure Kit in East Falmouth, MA

Custom Color Chatham Shower Enclosure Kit in East Falmouth, MA

Enclosures can be utilized for a myriad of reasons – to conceal garbage cans or outdoor equipment, conceal outdoor storage, create a safer space for gardening or composting or as a barrier for a beautiful new outdoor shower. Whatever the need, we can build it.

One of the most popular enclosures for residential spaces is outdoor shower enclosures. An outdoor shower is ideal for a home by the beach or with a pool or hot tub that sees a lot of activity – but they are great for any home if you want to shower under the stars! Outdoor showers keep the chlorine, sand and dirt outdoors throughout the summer so you don’t have to worry about damaging the interior of your home after using the pool or swimming in the ocean.

Outdoor shower enclosures can be purchased in standard kit form or custom built by Walpole design experts. Both options are designed with beauty and function in mind and will last season after season.

Consider what you might stow away securely under your deck and you will see how beneficial lattice screening would be.

Consider what you might stow away securely under your deck and you will see how beneficial lattice screening would be.

Many of our other popular enclosures involve concealment. Walpole offers many types of concealing enclosures from the duly-concealing board fence to lattice enclosures seen here. Each enclosure does what you need it to while still allowing easy access to the area inside. Enclosures can be built to match existing fencing and can be custom pained to blend in seamlessly with your home or business.

Take a garbage enclosure for example. These enclosures are built to house two (or more) garage bins. Not only do they conceal the bins but also protect them from pests (including raccoons) and keep them secure in the event of a storm or high winds. Not having to clean up your yard after a raccoon has gone through a bin or the wind has taken it for a spin is worth the investment itself!

Browse through more of our custom and kit enclosures on our website to get some inspiration then setup a free design consultation to see what we can create at your home or business!

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