Private Clubs and Athletics Partnerships

Walpole Outdoors has been working with architects to create memorable spaces for decades. In addition to providing beautiful spaces for public use Walpole has also been crafting custom pergolas, fencing, railings and more for private clubs and athletic centers all over the United States. From yacht clubs to golf courses and tennis courts Walpole Outdoors has continues to contribute to the beauty of private outdoor spaces.

New Jersey Boat Club

Custom Expansive Pergola with Blue ShadeFX Canopies

View from under the shade canopied pergola in New Jersey.

Many commercial enterprises – here, a private boat club – choose Walpole Outdoors to create handcrafted custom pergolas for a specific purpose. This large double shade pergola allows club members to enjoy socializing outdoors, sheltered from gentle rain or blazing sunlight. Walpole’s ShadeFX canopies can be operated motor driven or manually. We handcraft our pergolas in AZEK advanced cellular PVC, a material that looks exactly like natural wood, but won’t rot, split, or warp, and requires no maintenance for years. Walpole works from detailed drawings, sketches, or photographs.

Beach Club in Watch Hill, RI

Proportionate attached trellis and pergolas over stair area. Custom Railing posts prepared for cable railing.

Custom railings at an entry to a private Beach Club in Watch Hill, RI.

This entry pergola and facade pergolas with supporting brackets add drama and eye-appeal on the beach club’s facade. Also handcrafted in solid cellular vinyl are Walpole decorative trellis sections that extend along the walkways. In addition to the more decorative elements Walpole also crafted custom durable railings along the raised walkway and stairs. Crafted with AZEK for lasting, low-maintenance use.

Tennis Courtside Rockport Planters

Planters form a safety “railing” at the tennis courts.

Overlooking the tennis court, on the wall are large, rectangular Rockport Walpole planters that feature detailed, vertical boards. Planters serve as a stylish alternative to a traditional barrier between the courts and viewing area. Crafted in AZEK , the planters require no liners or maintenance and add greenery and protection courtside.

Lattice Tennis Court Enclosure

Lattice fence and gate tennis court barrier.

While tennis whites are no longer de rigueur on the court, these Walpole customers certainly found the color to be appropriate for their stunning enclosure. It consists of a lattice fence with a sweeping curved rail and matching double gates. The gates sport sturdy, hot-dipped galvanized hardware that ensure many years of trouble-free use.

Integrated into this lattice fence is a wire mesh system that helps keep wayward tennis balls within reach. As tennis court enclosures can be as varied as each player’s level of proficiency, Walpole works with clubs and homeowners alike to create a solution that is extremely functional and classically styled.

Dockside Covered Bar Area

Boat Club bar pergola and furniture.

Walpole partnered with this private boat club to create an oasis just feet from the dock! This dockside retreat features a full bar with pergola to provide shade and comfort. The stylish yet classic setup features the MAD Bar Side Chair, Arm Chair and Bar Table.

Country Club in Greenwich, CT

Universal Drive Gate at Country Club

A country club chose Walpole to handcraft a Universal style drive gate at the rear entrance to the property. This multi-functional gate system has the flexibility to open for large vehicle entrance, or as a single gate for employees performing daily tasks. The imaginative design incorporates stylish crisscross bracing on both sides.

Wing Foot Golf Club, Mamaroneck, NY

Custom walkway bridge at Wing Foot Golf Club, Mamaroneck, NY

This beautiful custom rustic bridge was designed for use at Wing Foot Golf Club in Mamaroneck, NY. This installation features beautiful rustic touches that enhance the natural surroundings.

Walpole has many years of experience handcrafting custom bridges for commercial and residential customers. We work with architects, landscape architects, and home building companies, and homeowners. Send us photographs, sketches, or detailed drawings, and we will create a bridge that is beyond your expectations and perfectly matches your location and needs.

Decorative and Functional Outdoor Products

Custom hand-carved signs and posts.

Custom doorway trellis system.

Classic wooden adirondack chairs.

Western Red Cedar details including fencing, railings and structures.

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Creating the Best Staycation

Give the beach a run for its money.

One of the best parts of summer is taking a long trip to someplace unfamiliar and spending the time relaxing and forgetting about all of your normal worries. But sometimes you can do just that without leaving your home! We’re talking about a staycation.

Creating the optimal staycation is all about bringing those resort luxuries to your own backyard and hushing those reminders of work and responsibility.

Whether you are on a budget or not you can create a memorable staycation with a little prep work and a true dedication to the art of relaxation.


The first task in any good staycation is turning off the alarm clock, disabling your calendar reminders and simply just shutting off your phone and putting it somewhere out of reach. With your work emails and messages only a click away it’s hard for anyone to get any real time away aside from leaving the country. Once you’ve disconnected you have time to relax without the constant distraction of dings and pings.

Create a resort-like space

Kick back on that hammock…

Since you will be spending a lot of time finally enjoying the warm summer weather you have to do a little prep work to create the perfect outdoor space.

What are your favorite parts of going on vacation? If you love lounging poolside invest in a quality chaise that you can melt into. If you love spending time reading or napping set up a hammock in a quiet place and surround it with flowers and other accessories that make it feel a little more like an island resort than your backyard.

Once you have that space created the only thing left is to use it!

Skip cooking (at least inside)

Put household tasks on the back burner and indulge a little. A great way to do this is by ditching the kitchen. Prep some indulgent meals and desserts for your staycation in advance or simply have them delivered so you don’t have to lift a finger! If cooking is something you love simply move the kitchen outside to the grill or outdoor kitchen.

Put your diet on hold and think vacation. What would you be eating at a resort? Indulge on delicious seafood and rich desserts. Plan ahead and create some island cocktails by the pitcher that taste as good with lunch as they do with dinner!

Treat yourself

Relax and treat yourself with all of your favorites!

This is the perfect opportunity to take some time out and focus on you. Find a masseuse that makes house calls and enjoy a massage outside followed by a long dip in the hot tub. Play up that theme by turning your bedroom and bathroom into luxurious spaces with aromatherapy candles, plush overstuffed pillows, terrycloth robes and high thread count sheets. Organize all of your beach favorite books in a shelf by the pool so you don’t have to move a muscle.

Even better sleep outdoors under the stars! Bring comfy bedding outside and setup a wonderful outdoor bedroom in your backyard in a tent or under the pergola.

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Wonderful Weathervanes

Nothing adds a classic rustic touch quite like a weathervane. No matter which was the wind is blowing a quality weathervane sits atop your home or barn like a small beautiful statue made to catch the sun.

Every Walpole weathervane is made to last out of durable materials and careful craftsmanship in a variety of finishes. Out large collection includes nautical, classic and rustic pieces for every type of home aesthetic.


Mermaid With Starfish Weathervane

From fish to sharks and boats – even mermaids! If you are looking for a beautiful nautical weathervane you have looked in the right place.

A beautiful way to dress up a Walpole cupola is with the Racing Sloop Weathervane. Crafted in polished copper this weathervane features a detailed sailing ship sat atop directional rods to ensure you always know where the wind is coming from.

Or if you are feeling a little whimsical look at the lovely Mermaid with Starfish Weathervane. Crafted in either blue verde or polished copper this piece will make you smile for years to come and will serve as a great conversation piece.



Jumping Horse & Rider Weathervane

A classic choice for many homeowners is a weathervane with a swooping eagle or another bird in flight.

Animals in motion make wonderful weathervanes and evoke the feeling of the blowing wind. A beautiful piece is the Blue Heron in Flight Weathervane which features a detailed heron gliding in the sky. This weathervane, crafted in polished copper, is a great way to embrace the grace and elegance of birds in flight.

Another classic animal in motion is the Horse Weathervane. This piece showcases the magic of a galloping horse against the power of the wind. In blue verde or polished copper this piece is not just for horse lovers!



Smithsonian Arrow Weathervane

There are a number of classic weathervane themes and styles that don’t feature an animal or nautical theme. The Banner Weathervane is a great example of a classic image utilized to show the blowing of the wind. This piece suits any style of home and has a timeless appeal.

When you think of a weathervane chances are the first image that pops into your head is a shiny brass arrow. Our Smithsonian Arrow Weathervane evokes that classic image with beautiful details in either blue verde or polished copper.

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Amazing Outdoor Kitchens

Key West with Champagne Finish Outdoor Kitchen

What better way to celebrate the summer than outdoors? A great way to really embrace the outdoors is to bring all the functionality of the kitchen poolside! An outdoor kitchen is more than just a grill – it is a beautifully crafted kitchen area complete with beautiful cabinets for storage and plenty of counter space to create the perfect meal.

Danver Outdoor Kitchens can meet any homeowners needs. European-style frameless cabinetry meets today’s demand for top quality, fully functional outdoor living rooms and entertaining areas.

Designer colors and wood grain powder-coat finishes – applied directly to modular stainless steel – can match the color scheme of your outdoor furniture or home’s interior. A wide selection of door styles helps you create a kitchen that perfectly complements your taste and lifestyle. Choices in cabinet sizes accommodate any kitchen footprint or layout. Danver also distributes American-made grills, refrigeration, and specialty cooking appliances to personalize your space even more.

Urban Outdoor Kitchen

Urban Outdoor Kitchen

Urban and rural landscapes or rooftops and multi-family spaces, the location of your outdoor living space is no longer a concern, as the color and style options available to you enhance your dream design to perfection.

Mix and match stainless appliances with one of our many woodgrain or powder coat finishes for a custom look unique to your personal style. Add a custom handle of your choice to complete the design.

This fence is part of a Public Television This Old House renovation undertaken in Boston’s Charlestown neighborhood in 2014. An urban outdoor kitchen is afforded privacy and exceptional style by a Walpole inlaid lattice courtyard fence in Verde green.

Rooftop Kitchen Space

Rooftop Kitchen installation.

No backyard? Limited space? Combine your rooftop seating area with an outdoor kitchen and you’ve crafted the perfect spot for relaxing and entertaining anytime.

Walpole Outdoors offers top-rate Danver Outdoor Kitchens with choice of grills, burners, sinks, refrigeration, bar centers, and more. Cabinetry options can create the look and feel of what matters to you most in outdoor entertainment and lifestyle. This rooftop kitchen, in a special order color option, is sleek, finished, and professional with a Hampton door style.

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Low Maintenance Structures for Public Places

Walpole Outdoors has decades of experience working with cities and towns to create outdoor structures for the public to enjoy. From pergolas to fencing Walpole Outdoors provides structures that are not only aesthetically pleasing but low-maintenance and long-lasting so citizens can enjoy them for years and years to come.

Como Regional Park Historic Lily Pond Restoration Saint Paul Minnesota

The Como Regional Park Historic Lily Pond in St. Paul, Minnesota was built in 1895, and was once a public favorite. However, over the past couple of decades, the pond’s dilapidated conditions forced the area to undergo a complete restoration. As part of the Como Regional Park’s restoration efforts, Walpole Outdoors provided a unique semicircular pergola on stone pier bases for a seating area on the west side of the pond.

Semi-circular Pergola on the west side of the pond.

The beautiful pergola adding a unique touch to the natural beauty of the lake.


Danada Equestrian Center DuPage County Preserve Wheaton, IL

Walpole Outdoors manufactured custom long-lasting AZEK features for the restoration of the Danada Equestrian Center in DuPage County Preserve in Wheaton Illinois. The updated center features a classic and beautiful entryway with fencing and pergola structures to provide some closure to the space.

Restoration project manufactured in AZEK

Danada Equestrian Center DuPage County Preserve Wheaton, IL

A closer look at restoration work done with AZEK materials.


New York City Dog Park

This Walpole kit pergola is constructed from Western Red Cedar. The choice of many builders and homeowners alike, this stunning wood weathers to a beautiful silver gray.  Our kit pergolas, featuring sturdy handcrafted construction that is unmatched in the industry, are crated and shipped motor freight.

Beautiful Western Red Cedar Pergola shading some park benches.

This pergola adds a shaded area for people and dogs to enjoy.


Sea Isle City, New Jersey Boardwalk

A majestic pergola creates an outdoor room that is an open invitation to sit, relax, and interact, whether the setting is a college, senior housing location, or a public space. Walpole will work with you to deliver custom solutions that are both stylish and enduring.  We provide design expertise, structural planning, and unmatched handcrafted manufacturing in cellular PVC – an advanced material that looks like natural wood, but requires little-to-no maintenance for years.

Five Kit Pergolas on a Boardwalk

Beautiful pergolas provide shade along this boardwalk.


Flint Cemetery in Ohio

Whatever the shape and purpose of your pergola – commercial or residential — Walpole has the skill and experience on staff to work with you and create a structure of enduring impact. Column height and width, as well as curved or straight beams, and color choices, are determined in person or even by telephone or online if you are located outside an area represented by a Walpole Outdoors store.Radius memorial pergola with seating at Flint Cemetery in Ohio.

This panorama pergola provides a place to sit and reflect.


Pergola at The Missouri Botanical Gardens

The Missouri Botanical Garden is a botanical garden located at 4344 Shaw Boulevard in St. Louis, Missouri. It is also known informally as Shaw’s Garden for founder and philanthropist Henry Shaw. This restoration project featured a pergola top manufactured in AZEK in a wood-tone paint on existing pillars.

Pergola top manufactured in AZEK and painted to match existing pillars.

A full package of drawings in AUTOCAD format is provided to the contractor for sign-off approval on every project. All materials are finished, kitted with fasteners, and shipped nationwide for straightforward erection by contractor personnel.

For projects in the planning stage, designers can download many of our standard products from the web by going to our website at and clicking on the red CADdetails logo on the home page.

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Easy Summer Cocktail Recipes

The invites are out, the grill is ready and the furniture is set up. Now there is one last thing to make your summer party one to remember – delicious summer cocktails! Getting creative is a great way to give your guests something to remember and talk about at every summer party to come. So grab the shakers and blender and create some fun and fruity summer cocktails for everyone to enjoy (alcohol optional, of course).

Kiwi Margaritas

Kiwi Margaritas from How Sweet It Is

Now here’s a fruit you don’t see utilized enough! Not only are kiwis a delicious snack, they also make a great base for a refreshing drink. This recipe for Kiwi Margaritas from How Sweet It Is is the perfect unique take on one of summer’s favorite drinks.

This recipe will require a little prep-work since you have to formulate your own kiwi simple syrup yourself (but don’t worry, it’s easy). Grab the food processor and a bunch of ripe kiwis and blend them until pureed. Combine water and sugar in a sauce pans and heat until the sugar is melted then add to the food processor with the kiwi when it has fully cooled and blend away!

This syrup can be added to the drink depending on how much kiwi taste you desire. Combine with your favorite tequila, lime juice and ice in a salt and lime garnished glass and enjoy!


Layered Lemonade Drops

Layered Lemonade Drops from Delish

Now THIS is a beautiful summer drink! Layered Lemonade Drops from Delish are simple delightful to look at and surprisingly easy to make.

All you need is three different kinds of lemonade (mango, strawberry pink and regular), your favorite vodka, ice, strawberries and a blender. The key to making each glass look perfect is mixing and chilling each lemonade mixture separately and utilizing clear glasses.


Cucumber Cocktail

Cucumber Cocktail by Bobby Flay

It doesn’t get much more refreshing than this. Celebrity chef Bobby Flay has the right idea with the Cucumber Cocktail.

This recipe is simple and can be served by the glass or pitcher at your next summer gathering. While this can be done by hand, having a juicer handy can speed up the preparation quite a bit.

You simply need to create simple syrup with water and sugar and add in tonic water (or club soda if your prefer), fresh cucumber juice, lime juice and cucumber vodka. Add in mint leaves for an extra bit of freshness and garnish with mint, cucumber or lime wedges!

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How To: Outdoor Entertaining

Now is the best time of year to throw the perfect summer party! From food to decor to company, outdoor entertaining is about creating a low-key environment for people to relax. Here are a few ways you can create the perfect summer party…

Create a comfortable space

With all-weather wicker furniture, this pavilion invites guests to enjoy the comforts of home while relaxing outdoors.

Picnic tables and adirondack chairs are a summer staple but another great way to create an instantly relaxed space is to utilize deep seating furniture (or even couches and chairs from indoors) to create a feeling of luxury.

Use colorful pillows and throws to create a cozy and inviting space under the pergola or on the deck. Grab an area rug and coffee table and bring the living room outside.

This is the perfect time to break out those comfy cushions! Set up end tables with colorful summer flowers and pitchers of lemonade or fruity cocktails and enjoy. This set-up works great for an afternoon brunch or an evening enjoying life under the stars.

Light it up!

Fire bowl with spark screen

Nothing brings people together like a fire. You don’t need a permanentness outdoor fire pit or expensive outdoor fireplace to enjoy a cozy evening gathering, a fire bowl or stand-up fire pit work just as well.

If you are looking for something simple and practical a fire bowl with a spark screen is a great choice. Enjoy the ambiance with added safety to protect guests and furniture from sparks. Another wonderful and more decorative choice is a fire pit with a decorative screen. Choose from the Orion screen or Full Moon Party screen. Each pit measures 30 inches so you can get the function of a fire pit while being able to easily change its location.

Grab the smores! Adding a fire feature to your evening summer party is an instant way to bring every closer together.

Add some sweetness

Fruited ice cubes make summer drinks more festive.

If you love entertaining you’ve probably found a million ways to add some fun to your beverage menu. A great way to do this in the summer is to make simple fruited ice cubes for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Grab some of your favorite summer fruits and add them to water in your ice cube tray, it’s as simple as that. Try some simple ones like blueberries, strawberries and raspberries while also trying out a few combination recipes like adding a little mint and lemon! These cubes will keep your drink cool while adding a splash of color and flavor (once they melt, of course).

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Easy Summer Recipes

What makes the perfect summer day? Friends, sun, having fun in your pool or patio and delicious food. On a beautiful day you certainly don’t want to spend too much time inside cooking so simple recipes for delicious dishes are always needed. Light up the grill, organize your outdoor furniture under the pergola and get cooking with these great ideas for some delicious summer get-togethers.

Spicy Honey-Glazed Chicken Breasts

Spicy Honey-Glazed Chicken from Rachel Ray

Who doesn’t love chicken fresh off the grill? This dish from Rachel Ray has summer written all over it. Sweet and spicy this is a great and unique take on grilled chicken that virtually everyone can enjoy.

All you need to make this dish are chicken breasts, onion, garlic, olive oil, honey, hot pepper sauce, pineapples, chili powder and lemon juice. Combine the ingredients for the glaze and brush onto the freshly grilled chicken. Grill the pineapples and serve them together for the perfect sweet and tangy taste.

Pair this spicy and sweet dish with a grilled vegetable or summer salad and enjoy.



Goat Cheese Zucchini Quesadillas with Grilled Corn Pico de Gallo

Goat Cheese Zucchini Quesadillas with Grilled Corn Pico de Gallo from

Loaded with summer veggies this Quesadilla recipe may look like something that takes a little skill but don’t worry, it’s surprisingly easy! This dish makes the perfect meal or when cut into smaller pieces a perfect snack or appetizer for a party.

In total this recipe takes only 35 minutes from start to plate. The key to making the most of this recipe is getting delicious and fresh vegetables either from your garden, grocery store or farmers market. Corn, zucchini, squash and grape tomatoes should be in season and at their flavorful peak.


 Lobster Rolls With Corn and Celery

Lobster Rolls with Corn and Celery from Real Simple

Summer always calls for seafood. Instead of buying those pre-made (albeit delicious) lobster rolls from a grocery store or deli try your hand at making them in your own kitchen!

This recipe only requires eight ingredients (many of which you probably already have on hand) and is simple from start to finish only taking about 20 minutes to complete. You can use fresh lobster or frozen lobster depending on the availability of it in your area.

This recipe would pair wonderfully with crunch chips or something a bit healthier like freshly grilled asparagus or corn on the cob.

This recipe is not only the perfect dinner recipe but would work well at a party or even just for lunch on a regular work day. Celebrate any summer day with some amazing flavors.

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Sustainable Exterior Structures For Educational Institutions

Rooftop pergolas on the campus of Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas.

Over the years Walpole Outdoors has been called upon to build structures for large universities, private schools, public schools and community colleges. Architects and landscape architects that specialize in campus design have noted our attentiveness to fine design detail, material selection and structural needs.

Attractive pergolas in hot climates to shade student dining terraces, covered walkways around the exterior of buildings to shelter students from the elements as they walk from class to class, perimeter fencing that suits the neighborhood aesthetic for urban campuses are the functions performed by some of our work.

Artistic landscape amenities like a gathering spot under a pergola, a reproduction historic fence or gate at the Chancellor’s residence, a tastefully designed utility enclosure or boldly designed trellises -strictly for visual appeal – are items in our portfolio.

Free-standing pergola at Bryant University.

All such projects are built using internally reinforced AZEK cellular PVC material and factory-painted with Sherwin Williams finishes.  The moisture and insect resistance of AZEK and the 25 year warranty on the paint finish assures the lowest possible maintenance cost.

Whether it is a new campus or an important school modernization, structures in a traditional or a modern style can be manufactured to meet the Architect’s design intention.

A full package of drawings in AUTOCAD format is provided to the contractor for sign-off approval on every project. All materials are finished, kitted with fasteners, and shipped nationwide for straightforward erection by contractor personnel.

For projects in the planning stage, designers can download many of our standard products from the web by going to our website at and clicking on the red CADdetails logo on the home page.

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Commercial Projects: Schools and Universities in Photos

Walpole is a unique source of factory- finished structures for public and private schools, large universities and community colleges. Our products are crafted in durable low-maintenance AZEK cellular PVC including fencing, gates, pergolas, pavilions, enclosures…. and more. Standard designs and custom work are routine. Here are a few examples of our past work at various schools and universities…

An impressive expanse of rooftop pergolas on the campus of Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas.

After initial installation of the pergola at TCU it was decided to add additional laths for more shade on the patio.


Union City, NJ High School radius pergola sits in the common area next to the rooftop football field.

Union City High School entry trellis.

Union City High School entry pergola structure.

High School courtyard pergola.

Natick Preschool pergola installation.

Custom lattice fence and entryway at a New Jersey school.

Fenced in courtyard with arbor gated entry.

Fenced in courtyard closer view.

alessandra ambrosio black dress

Historic restoration spindle fence at Miss Porter’s School Farmington, CT.

Detail of Spindle fence entryway at a private school.

Pergola at Bryant University

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