A Wood Fence Can Give You Back Your Privacy

Walpole Woodworkers – A Wood Fence Can Give You Back Your Privacy

While you and your neighbors have connecting back yards, this does not mean that you should have to share everything that you do in your backyard with them. The simple step of adding a wood fence can provide you and your family the level of privacy that you need, when you need it. Our online catalog has a number of different styles of privacy fencing for you to choose from.

Our Stepped Privacy Wood Fence Can Provide Both Privacy and Communication

Even though there are going to be a number when you want to keep what you and your family are doing more private, there are times when all you really want is to keep your neighbors and their kids in their own yard.  Our Urban Privacy wood fence starts at full privacy height to give you the privacy you want and then tapers down to a more open and social fence that still keeps everyone where they belong.



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