Arbors – Unlimited Garden Architecture Uses

Rustic Gallery Arbor

Rustic Gallery Arbor

Arbors can have many uses in your garden structure. Not to be confused with pergolas, they are smaller structures used to frame a small space, seating area, gate or even walkway.

These romantic structures allow you to use green growth as a shade canopy. Natural deciduous shade is not only vital for some shade plants to survive, but also can be a healthy way to enjoy your garden for long periods of time with only indirect sun on your sensitive skin.

Let’s face it, though… we love arbors because they enrich our outdoor enjoyment so very much!

Would you like to construct a nice quaint outdoor seating area to read a book and sip a cup of tea?

Arbors are the way to go. These design elements provide incredible beauty and texture to a garden.

Yankee Magazine had this to say:

A space with flowers becomes a place for flowers when it is framed by a picket fence or accessed by an arch or arbor covered with climbing vines.

Arbors can also provide shade for front and back entryways, offering a cool entrance for guests as well as less heating direct sun on your doorways.

Secret Garden Custom Arbor

Secret Garden Custom Arbor

Of course arbors in the garden are a traditional way to add dimension to your architecture there. A well grown arbor on your front gate at the curb can make your house jump out to neighbors. When you raise your curb appeal, you raise your property values as well as the entire block you live on.

In case you’re unsure of the difference between an arbor and a pergola, this paragraph from one of our previous articles will explain it:

A pergola is a structure usually consisting of parallel colonnades supporting an open roof of girders and cross rafters. The word is Italian taken from the old Latin name for the structure, “pergula”. These noble structures are designed to create an enjoyable outdoor dwelling place.

Shade canopies are the best of all worlds. They offer you the option of having partial sun or full shade as needed making your pergola more all weather and useful throughout most of the seasons.

Arbors tend to be smaller and are useful over walkways and entrance paths. These beautiful structures create dynamic entrances into your home and yard.

Arbor with Chippendale Panels

Arbor with Chippendale Panels

If you think an arbor may be for you, here are a few of our designs for you to choose from:

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