Bird Baths Improve the Sights and Sounds of Your Yard

roman bird bathWho doesn’t love backyard birding? One bird bath can draw a healthy flock of singing birds happily competing for their turn to splash in the cooling waters.

Birds not only use these wonderful garden objects for bathing and drinking but for communal social behaviors. They insure that a flock will return regularly to your yard. A bird bath gives the backyard birder an opportunity to observe birds interacting with each other. When birds congregate in flocks they tend to act more naturally. Since there are many eyes in a flock, birds tend to be more relaxed when they congregate.

Providing a bird bath that accompanies a feeder guarantees that your bird house will attract tenants.

Birds that feel safe, have food, and a place to bathe and drink are simply going to return to your garden. Doubling as reflecting pools and sculptures,  they afford gardeners with great opportunities to create a focal point for a smaller garden or flowering patch.

lotus leaf bird bathPlanting the “right” plants for the types of birds you want to attract will seal the deal with your local bird population.

Here are some of our favorite bird baths for you to consider.

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