Birding From Your Backyard

It’s starting slow but the season is certainly changing. This means your backyard greenery is about to get a lot less green and a lot more colorful. Though brief, this transition period is a great time to take advantage of the outdoors and enjoy the crisp air and lingering wildlife before the winter takes hold.

The autumn is also a great time to go bird watching.

As the temperature plummets many birds make their final arrangements before heading toward a warmer climate. But until then they are staying put. The autumn can be the best time to bird watch because the air is cool, the trees are brightly colored, and the falling leaves makes it easier to see birds as they linger on tree branches.

But why go to the birds if you can bring them to your backyard?

Fall is a great time to add a few bird sanctuaries and feeders to your backyard. The birds who are out now will flock to your feeders when food becomes scarce and cozy up in your houses before heading south.

A few great houses for fall all display a wonderfully natural look that will blend in with your fall décor nicely and make a great place for them to come back to in the spring.

Our Shingled House Post Cap is a great way to incorporate a birdhouse into your existing Walpole fence if you don’t want to install another standalone post. The small white structure with delightfully shingled roof makes a charming addition to your existing structure.

Another great looking house is our Lazy Hill Loretta House. This house features a white structure with natural looking shingles on a peaked roof.

Don’t forget a feeder! Keeping a fully stocked feeder in your yard won’t prevent birds from heading south for the winter, but it can make them stay longer! If you want to stay with that great natural look check out our Lazy Hill Loretta Feeder with its elegant white arches and natural shingled roof.

A few things to remember to keep the autumn birds happy:

  • Keep feeders cleaned and filled in all autumn weather
  • Let some leaf litter build up under trees to attract birds with shelter
  • Keep bird baths filled with clean water and consider adding a heater to the bath in late fall to prevent freezing
  • Make repairs to houses that may have been damaged during summer storms
  • Squirrel proof everything!

Happy fall!



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