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Five Great Climbing Plants

If you have a garden structure like an arbor, obelisk, lattice, or trellis you are always on the lookout for a beautiful climbing plant to really bring it to life. Luckily there is a climbing plant for every style; some with colorful flowers and some … Continue reading

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New Year, New Yard

Just like that the year is nearly over. Instead of reflecting on the past let’s look to the future. If you need a fresh start in 2017 a great place to focus your energy is on your yard and garden. … Continue reading

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The Perfect Garden Enclosure

It’s never to early to be thinking about spring. For 2017 treat your garden (and yourself) to a little added safety and style with a garden enclosure. Garden enclosures come in a wide variety of styles, like Walpole’s beloved fencing, … Continue reading

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The Perfect Gift: Garden Tools

Christmas is left than a month away! While you evaluate your shopping list don’t forget that garden lover in your life. An avid gardener or just a new homeowner is the perfect recipient of an outdoor-centric gift. Love the gift now, … Continue reading

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Enjoying The Last Days of Summer

It may be hard to believe but summer is starting to wind down. Kids are headed back to school and families are finally unpacking from their summer vacations. Instead of breaking out the fall sweaters savor every ray of sunshine … Continue reading

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Treat Your Home (With That Tax Return)

Put That Tax Return Back Into Your Home! Investing in your home is always a great idea. This year don’t let that tax return go to waste, spend it on something you can enjoy for years to come and that … Continue reading

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Planning Your Spring Garden Space

Spring Garden Ideas To Create The Perfect Space Finally, spring is on it’s way! There is no better time to start planning your spring garden space than now. Garden space means something different to all of us: some of us … Continue reading

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Composting Benefits

Green Living: Composting If you are an avid gardener you have probably thought of it but maybe never got started. Composting is an easy way to reduce waste and create nutrient rich soil for your gardening and landscaping. Not only … Continue reading

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Green Gardening

Tips & Tricks: Green Gardening Though gardens are often a beautiful example of nature at work they aren’t always eco-friendly. To make your garden a little more green you just have to change a few habits, swap out some chemicals, … Continue reading

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Hearty Houseplants

Hearty Houseplants Bringing some of nature indoors is both beautiful and relaxing. But if your busy life often gets in the way of caring for your houseplants then you can have ugly, messy, and often pest-attracting plants on your hands. … Continue reading

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