Lighting – Security and Safety

Outdoor lighting is not just an aesthetic preference. Safety and security ought to be primary concerns when planning your lighting design.

Sturbridge Lantern PostIt’s more and more likely that we will return home to a dark entrance way as the days get shorter. While we are all aware of our personal security concerns on our property, we often forget that a dark walkway can hide items that you and your visitors may trip over as they make their way to your front door.

Just a single poorly placed newspaper can cause someone to trip and fall. Injury and liability issues are not things we want to consider, but nevertheless, these threats remain.

In just a few months, ice and snow will also become hazardous. We can’t all be home during the day to remove a dusting of snow. We all can’t wake up early enough to salt our walkway after a bit of overnight frost.

The Center for Disease Control reported…

In 2010, the overall rate of nonfatal fall injury episodes for which a health-care professional was contacted was 43 per 1,000 population. Persons aged ≥75 years had the highest rate (115).

Adequate lighting can greatly reduce the threat of injury by simply informing your visitors where it’s safe to step. While some use simple reflective strips to light the way, there is little visual appeal in these garish items. Safety does not have to be ugly. There are attractive lighting options that make your home safe and secure for anyone that visits.

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