Commercial Grand Entrances

Pergola toppers on brick columns make a grand entry at this high school in New Jersey.

Pergola toppers on brick columns make a grand entry at this high school in New Jersey.

Make an entrance!

The entrance to your business is essential – it’s the first thing a customer or partner will see and the first impression they will have of you and your business. Think of a notable country club, shopping mall, park, restaurant or a residential community. What is the first image that comes to mind? Chances are it’s the building’s front facade or entrance. If that is the image that will forever be associated with your business don’t you want it to be a good one?

Walpole Outdoors has many structures that can be made into stunning entryways. From fencing and gates to pergolas and arbors our design team can take the architect or landscape architect’s vision and craft something complimentary, unique and long-lasting. Our design team helps select the best materials for the job and provides the refinements and design details to make it perfect. Once finalized engineers turn those CAD plans into a durable, fully finished and kitted assembly ready for routine installation.

Covered pergola structure adds interest and provides coverage from rain at the high school in Natick, Mass.

Covered pergola structure adds interest and provides coverage from rain at the high school in Natick, Mass.

Most of our entrance features are made using structurally reinforced AZEK cellular PVC that has been factory finished with Sherwin-Williams Super Paint in any of hundreds of colors. Unlike wood AZEK will not deteriorate due to environmental conditions so you won’t have to worry about the paint fading or the posts rotting. The paint finish for all of our AZEK products has a 25 year warranty.

Beyond our reputation as a producer of fine fencing and arbors, Walpole is an expert in design, construction and installation of automated entrance gates. Outfitted with the latest in electronic access controls our steel-framed, AZEK-clad gate leaves and pillars are unmatched in precision, rigidity and beauty. Hundreds of gates are made each year for installations across the country.

A Walpole structure is an investment in the success and reputation of your business. From the initial consultation to the final installation Walpole is committed to helping you craft the perfect structure for your business. After all, our reputation as a business depends on your front entry structure as well!

View examples of our commercial work in our Grand Entrances photo gallery!

For more information on how Walpole Outdoors can help create a lasting and unique front entrance for your business contact us at 508-668-2800 or email

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Grand Entrances – Photo Gallery

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Pergolas and covered entryways   Decorative pillar posts   Small entry pergolas Entry and drive gates   Railings   Fencing for small spaces

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Commercial Planters – Photo Gallery

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Outdoor Accents and More – Commercial Planters

Crafting an outdoor space is as much style as it is function. Stylish planters can serve as beautiful accents to other structures or become structures of their own – becoming barriers when placed together on a perimeter or as support when used to construct a self-anchoring pergola.

Rockport Planters utilized as a barrier.

Rockport Planters utilized as a barrier.

Fencing and railings are beautiful ways to create a perimeter but sometimes a space just calls for a little more. Here you can see our stylish Rectangular Rockport Planters used as an outer border to a series of tennis courts.

This space already has fencing where height is needed but the area alongside the court needed a little something different. The planters are durable and useful in every season as well as a great way to add some life and color to an otherwise open space.


Planters act as support for this anchored-pergola.

Planters act as support for this anchored-pergola.

Larger planter styles can also function wonderfully as living privacy screens or as bases for anchored-pergolas on rooftops. These planters serve as the base for the lattice beam that supports this roof-top pergola – a clever and safe way to construct a structure in an un-traditional location.

Need something that will fit in to existing decor style? Walpole will handcraft custom planters in any style and to the dimensions that meet your specific needs.

These are crafted in AZEK, a low maintenance material that looks just like natural wood, yet won’t rot, crack, or split, and will hold its pristine appearance for years. AZEK planters do not require liners.

We will also pre-paint your planters in your choice of more than 100 Sherwin-Williams VinylSafe paint colors, which come with a 25-year warranty.

Planters are also great for their traditional use – beautiful accents to outdoor and indoor areas. Planter gardens add a little splash of life to wherever they are placed and can be moved and changed depending on the season. All planter boxes have pre-drilled drainage holes. For interior use or easy seasonal changes we offer copper and plastic liners for our Small Square Planter, Small Rectangular Planter, and Large Rectangular Planter.

For more information on how Walpole Outdoors can help create beautiful outdoor spaces with custom planters contact us at 508-668-2800 or email

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The Perfect Planters for Home

The bleakness of winter can take its toll. Add some color to your surroundings wherever you live! A great all-season investment in your own happiness is one of our fine planters. Made to last, our planters are versatile and serve as a blank canvas for your creativity.

Planters add beauty to any living space.

Planters add beauty to any living space.

Create small planter gardens full of colorful flowers in the spring and transition with an assortment of evergreens and hearty plants during the winter. Big and small, our planters work indoors and outside – by the mailbox, at the front entry and anywhere in between.

Each of our planters is crafted in AZEK wood alternative an incredible material that maintains the look and feel of wood without rotting, splintering or warping making it perfect for all-season use (no water damage!). You can use any of our planters without a liner but we do offer them separately for interior use or quick seasonal changes.

We offer planters in a variety of sizes and styles like the smaller Dory Planter that would look great at the font entry or indoors or the much larger Courtyard Planter that makes a big statement outdoors.


Two Orangerie planters framing a front door.

Two Paneled Planters frame a bench that overlooks a pool

Custom planters create a beautiful and lush barrier on this rooftop patio right in the middle of Boston.


The shapely Tapered Rockport Planter.

A beautiful winter arrangement featuring two tapered planters.

The sturdy Paneled Planter.

Custom rooftop planters add some green to this city dwelling and serve as a weighted anchor for this rooftop pergola.

Rockport Planters paired with beautiful lattice panels.

Rockport Planters framing this seaside retreat.

The classic Doylestown Planter.

A Rockport Planter adds a touch of color to a beautiful scene.

Two Rectangular Standard Planters make a beautiful porch barrier.

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New Year, New Yard

Just like that the year is nearly over. Instead of reflecting on the past let’s look to the future. If you need a fresh start in 2017 a great place to focus your energy is on your yard and garden. Now is the time to start planning that new feature, new structure, or brand new outdoor space. Take some chances! Make an investment! Kick off the new year with a new yard.

Refresh Your Fencing


This green fencing pairs perfectly with the home's paint and finish.

This green fencing pairs perfectly with the home’s paint and finish.

When was your fence installed? Does it still look like it did when it was new? Has your style changed since you installed you fence? These are the questions to ask yourself to see if you are in need of a fencing refresh in 2017.

If you need something new take your time choosing a style so you can find the one that you will still love 10 years from now. Sick of the classic white picket? Go for a green board fence. Tired of the rustic post and rail? Take on a classic Nantucket Picket.

You have a few months of cold to go over your options to be ready for springtime. Give us a call for a free consultation with one of our design experts who can walk you through every detail in deciding which fence is right for you.

Invest in that Structure


Shade pergola with extended blue canopy.

Shade pergola with extended blue canopy.

Nothing brings your outdoor space to life quite like a beautiful structure to tie everything together.

Is 2017 the year you finally add that pergola you’ve had your eye on?

Pergolas are not only an attractive addition to your home, yard or garden but a practical one at that. The shade and protection a pergola provides will ensure that you will spend a lot more time enjoying the outdoors in 2017 and the following years. And isn’t more time outdoors a good thing?

Whether you are looking for a customized structure or something a little more straightforward we have the perfect pergola for your space. All of our pergolas are built in either the finest cedar wood or AZEK wood alternative materials that mimic the look and feel of wood without all the maintenance required of it.

Get Gardening


A home with a beautiful garden enclosure.

A home with a beautiful garden enclosure.

Make this the year you don’t have to chase animals out of your flower beds and vegetables! Take your garden to the next level in 2017 with a garden enclosure.

Garden enclosures don’t have to be fancy or expensive but they can if you would like that. From wood and wire to beautiful AZEK lattice paneling there is an option to suit almost everyone.

Take a look at some of our most popular styles for garden enclosures as well as some of the custom work we’ve done all over the country in our previous blog post.

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Outdoor Dining Solutions For Restaurants

Operating an outdoor patio area can be a great investment for a business in the hospitality space. As the weather warms up and even in the winter in some milder climates, an outdoor patio can provide additional seating, increased revenue, and happier customers for a restaurant. Research has shown that patio seating can add as much as 30 percent in sales to an establishment’s receipts, so it’s no wonder that outdoor seating is something a lot of businesses choose to invest in.

Restaurant Pergola and ShadeFX Canopy

Restaurant Pergola and ShadeFX Canopy

There is always the chance of perfect weather. For all the other days of operating an outdoor seating area, sun and rain protection is a must. Rain can shut down outdoor seating for days in certain seasons and cut into a restaurant, club, or hotel’s profits in no time. Likewise, too much sun and heat aren’t always welcome. With growing health concerns for UV exposure and an aging population, an outdoor space can become uncomfortable for patrons, driving customers away in search of a shady outdoor space leaving your patio empty. Meanwhile, a full and active patio is an excellent advertisement of a restaurant’s popularity.

To ensure outdoor serving areas produce revenue and attract customers, an increasing number of businesses in the hospitality niche are turning to retractable patio covers. Retractable patio covers keep a patio up and running rain or shine, keeping the wet away and patrons cool on harsh summer days.

Walpole offers tough, long-wearing shade pergola canopies in Sunbrella rain-resistant fabric – available in over 140 eye-catching solids and stripes – and also in 13 Harbor-Time waterproof fabrics.

Walpole offers tough, long-wearing shade pergola canopies in rain-resistant fabric – available in over 140 eye-catching solids and stripes and 13 Harbor-Time waterproof fabrics.

When considering a patio cover, business owners may want to run a few numbers to determine what kind of ROI they could get from investing in a retractable patio cover.

A basic calculation can illustrate the sizeable ROI potential. In this example of a small outdoor space, simply keeping a patio open an additional 15 days in a season can return $45,000. Let’s say we have a casual dining restaurant with a $25 per seat average and a patio space with just six tables of four.

With 45k in receipts for an extra 15-days of seating (with just 10 table turnovers at 50% capacity), a retractable patio cover will see your business recouping the investment in these 15 days assuming a 20% bottom line. The ROI is considerably higher if you also account for the added revenue and return generated on all the other days. With a retractable patio cover you now have a more comfortable dining environment sheltered from the sun.

The patio area needs to possess many of the same interior space characteristics to maintain a consistent brand, style, and ambience. A Walpole Pergola with retractable canopies can be traditional or contemporary, wood or low maintenance AZEK -in virtually any color. With an attractive canopy fabric, the outdoor dining area by Walpole can incorporate light fixtures, radiant heaters, speakers, TV’s railings, lattice, trellis planters and screening.

For more information on how Walpole Outdoors can help increase your bottom line with an outdoor seating space contact us at 508-668-2800 or email

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Outdoor Solutions For Restaurants – Photo Gallery

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The Perfect Garden Enclosure

It’s never to early to be thinking about spring. For 2017 treat your garden (and yourself) to a little added safety and style with a garden enclosure. Garden enclosures come in a wide variety of styles, like Walpole’s beloved fencing, and can be custom crafted to suit any kind of space.

Wire and Wood Garden Fences in West Barnstable, MA

Wire and Wood Garden Fences in West Barnstable, MA

Go for a rustic look with a classic post and rail style enclosure made from the highest quality cedar. This enclosure gives you that simple woodland natural look that will fit in perfect with the natural look of your garden while keeping out pests and pets.

Avid gardeners are well aware of the damage that foraging animals can wreak on their hard work. But you don’t have to sacrifice style for function with the beautiful Lattice with Wire garden enclosure. This open lattice fence includes sturdy wire mesh within the framework to effectively deter those pesky critters.

Another favorite is a more utilitarian look with an enclosure made from wood and wire with decorative copper post caps. This kind of enclosure is sturdy and durable great for homes with large gardens and large pests.

Open Lattice with Wire


Open Lattice fence includes sturdy wire mesh within the framework and classic Walpole Spindle Arbor.


A classic Walpole Spindle arbor with side horizontal/vertical lattice panels perfectly matches the Open Lattice garden fence and double gates.

This expanse of garden is protected by stately capped posts and sturdy mesh held taut and securely in place.

This expanse of garden is protected by stately capped posts and sturdy mesh held taut and securely in place.


Decorative Garden Enclosure Fencing


Long lasting AZEK enclosure featuring a unique geometrical gate.


AZEK and wire garden enclosure gate.

Lattice fencing garden enclosure with decorative gate.


Beautiful decorative AZEK lattice gate on a garden enclosure.


Pink flowers growing alongside an AZEK and wire garden enclosure.


Wire and Wood Fence


This natural wood fencing is substantial, durable, and incorporates strong, wire mesh, allowing your plants to thrive unmolested from early growth through harvest time.


Utilitarian fencing can be handsome and sophisticated as is seen in this productive garden enclosure.


Cedar Post Garden Enclosures


Don’t let pesky animals nibble away at your planting, growing and tending efforts!


Custom Post with Top Rail Garden Enclosure.


Wire and wood garden enclosure with raised beds.

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The Perfect Gift: Garden Tools

Christmas is left than a month away! While you evaluate your shopping list don’t forget that garden lover in your life. An avid gardener or just a new homeowner is the perfect recipient of an outdoor-centric gift. Love the gift now, and use it once the weather warms! These gift ideas are perfect no matter your budget and don’t require measuring or special ordering so you can really give them a surprise…

Small Garden Tools

Small Tool Hod

Small Tool Hod

Keeping up a garden takes dedication and hours upon hours of work. Give a gift that will make everyday gardening a little easier. The small Tool Hod is a classic and endlessly practical gift. This cedar or AZEK hod is perfect for carrying tools as you move through the garden and also doubles as a cute planter for the picnic table or by the front entry in the springtime.

The Garden Hod Basket is also a great idea for the springtime harvest. This handy basket is light and perfect for carrying around as you pick flowers or harvest your springtime veggies.


Large Garden Tools

Folding Potting Bench

Folding Potting Bench

If you are looking to spend a little more money make an investment in your friend or family member’s garden! A practical and stylish tool is the handy Folding Potting Bench. This cedar and AZEK bench easily folds and unfolds for easy storage. This bench is great for using around the garden whenever a sturdy table is needed. This is also a great piece to use inside a storage shed to keep tools organized.

Another handy tool (that can also double as a stylish decoration when you aren’t using it) is the Vermont Garden Cart. This cart is perfect for moving pots, plants, soil and anything else you need to move around the garden. This cart is made of steel with heavy duty wheels making it sturdy, easy to move and able to handle up to 300 pounds of weight.



The perfect gift for the gardener in your life is only a click away! Get your gift before it’s too late. Browse our catalog of garden tools of every size or drop by one of our many retail locations to get an in-person viewing.


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