Giving The Perfect Gift

It’s the season for gifting! If you have a homeowner or gardener in your life that takes pride in their home and yard we have a few gift suggestions this season.

A gift for the home is personal. What we put in our homes and gardens is a reflection of our style and taste and also the home we want to make. But giving a gift for the home doesn’t have to be difficult to be perfect.

Small items can make a house feel like a home. From lanterns to planters to birdhouses and feeders finding a quality gift for the home is easy if you look in the right place.

Lanterns & Posts

A classic Beacon Post Mount lantern lights up a winter entryway.

A great gift item during the holidays is a lantern.

Choose from dozens of styles that range from classic to nautical to contemporary.

All you have to know is what style your friend or family would more appreciate and in what way they would be mounting it. If they are likely to put it by a walkway or driveway you will want to go with the post mount lantern. If they would prefer to add some light to the doorway go for a side-mount lamp.

You can also go the extra step and purchase the post in which the new lantern will be mounted if you have an idea on the recipient’s specific needs.


Bird Houses and Feeders


The popular Lazy Hill Large Shingled House.

A bird house is a charming gift that can bring joy through

the spring, summer and autumn. All of our birdhouses are constructed either in natural white cedar or the long lasting wood alternative AZEK. The AZEK structures will fit in beautiful with nature without rotting or splitting like natural wood does over time or during weather events.

The Lazy Hill collection of houses and feeders is one of our most popular and features dozens of handsome homes for the birds.


Mailboxes & Posts


The eye catching Copper Mailbox.

If you own or live in a home then you are always in

need of a mailbox. A great gift for the holidays or a housewarming is a brand new mailbox.

A mailbox is something you see each and every day so you might as well enjoy it. Choose from one of our beautiful sturdy boxes in a variety of colors.

Each mailbox is ready to adhere to a post so you can get to using it right away.


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Birdwatching & Senior Centers

A few Lazy Hill bird houses and feeders in the outdoor area of a senior center.

A few Lazy Hill bird houses and feeders in the outdoor area of a senior center.

If you are developing a retirement community or senior center you have to keep in mind the kinds of activities the facility will be able to accommodate. One of the best activities for seniors is also one of the most inexpensive – birdwatching.

Birdwatching is a great solo or group activity that encourages seniors to spend time outdoors.

Though you can travel the world and walk miles birdwatching it’s also an activity that can be done in a smaller space or garden. Watching the birds that come and go in your own backyard is a great way to truly appreciate the place where you live and the season around you.

A Lazy Hill birdhouse in the courtyard of a senior center.

Localized birdwatching can boost seniors mental alertness and get them using all of their senses as they watch and wait. It also helps develop patience and relaxation as you watch and wait to see what comes by for some seed.

You can achieve this with very little cost by adding a few beautiful birdhouses and bird feeders to your grounds that can accommodate a number of bird species.

Put a few closer to the buildings and keep a few inside a garden or more wooded area to create different outdoor recreation areas.

Birdhouses and feeders also add some charm to an outdoor area and make it feel a little more like home, something that is a goal when creating a living or recreation space for seniors.

Browse through more of our birdhouses and feeders on our website to get some inspiration then setup a free design consultation to see what we can create at your home or project!

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The Perfect Gift: Bird Houses and Feeders

Finding the perfect gift every year can be stressful. But what better way to celebrate your friend or family member who loves the outdoors than a piece they can appreciate for years and years to come.

Coppertop Mini Feeder

Coppertop Mini Feeder

A great gift this holiday season is a Walpole bird house or feeder, a piece that your friends and family can enjoy all spring and summer long! Walpole bird houses and feeders come in a variety of shapes and sizes for all types of homes. We offer simple classic hanging houses and feeders to more ornate post houses and feeders depending on your taste and the look of your outdoor space.

Birds will come flocking to Walpole Outdoors products strategically placed around your yard. Our more classic birdhouses are crafted in low maintenance AZEK cellular PVC, pre-finished white and have decorative finials. Bird feeders are crafted from clear polycarbonate and steel hardware to ensure long life. Ceramic birdbaths bring a daily splash of pleasure until your visitors fly south. And, with a handcrafted AZEK cellular PVC or cedar post, you can locate your birdhouse or feeder anywhere you choose. Houses and posts are sold separately.

Place your house or feeder within sight of a window so you can watch the beautiful birds enjoy their new outdoor space! Here are a few suggestions…

Single Family Square HousesSingle Family Square House


A smartly crafted house with a great deal of room inside. At home in a yard where birds are always welcome. Painted white with color accents to match your choice of faux copper or verde finished metal roof.

Small, 11 3/4″H, 8″sq. Medium, 16.”H, 10 1/2″sq.  Large, 22 1/4″H, 13 1/2″sq.


Mini House Post Cap Decorative HouseMiniHousePostCapCopper


Yes it is possible to enhance the charm of a classic Walpole fence. Simply add a delightful bird house, designed to fit snugly and invitingly on a 5½” sq. post. Equally appealing, of course, on a Lattice Obelisk. Painted white. Metal roof in copper or verde finish.  17½”H, 9″ sq. base.



 Yankee Flipper Feederbird-feeder-flipper-e


Birds love to eat from it but squirrels can’t. When a squirrel steps on the perch, a connection is made with a motor that makes the perch spin and the squirrel is flipped off. Unit comes equipped with rechargeable nicad battery and a recharger. 4 qt. capacity. 21″ H

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Everything For The Birds

We may be headed toward winter but there is still time to enjoy the birds!

A Lazy Hill bird house or feeder is a wonderful addition to any yard in pretty much any season. These high quality structures are stylish and durable creating a place for birds of all kinds to find food and shelter. And with a variety of styles there is a house or feeder to suit any home’s decor.

With the holiday season right around the corner Lazy Hill bird houses and feeders also make great gifts!

Bird Houses


Adaptation of an English dovecote with eight compartments.

Adaptation of an English dovecote with eight compartments.

Lazy Hill bird houses truly bring the charm.

Crafted in Maine from the wood alternative AZEK each house is unique, low-maintenance and beautiful.

One of our more popular birdhouses is the Lazy Hill Large Shingled Birdhouse that features a shingled roof, decorative finials and eight compartments for a family of birds.

Each house is pre-finished white and ready to be mounted on a post, railing or on your fence.



Bird Feeders



The lovely Lazy Hill Square Feeder.

Our selection of bird feeders is just as wonderful.

Choose from large to small, shingled and rustic to sleek with copper or verde roofs. Each feeder has ample room for multiple birds to feed at once whether from a tube or from loose seed.

A popular selection is the lovely Lazy Hill Small Tube Bird Feeder. This smaller feeder features a 4-inch acrylic tube for dry seed with a stamped copper shingled roof and an AZEK body.


Shop the entire Lazy Hill collection over on our website or at any of our retail locations.


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Three Ways To Make Your Home More Energy Efficient This Winter


If you live in the Northeast, like we do, you have probably noticed that our nights are now dipping below freezing on the thermometer. We are rapidly approaching the winter months and dozens of cold nights and days.

One of the biggest expenses for any homeowner during the winter is heating your home. With a winter that can last from November through March that can get really expensive. Instead of throwing your money out of the window take a few steps to make your home more energy efficient so you can put your money to better use!

Sealing and insulation: The best way to save energy is to insulate your home properly. There are a myriad of materials you can use for insulation (depending on your home, your needs) but having an insulated attic can make a huge difference on your heating bill. Another step you should not forget is sealing around windows, doors, and outlets and switches in your home. Even a tiny gap between the door and doorway can cost you, letting heated air out and cold air in.

Programmable thermostat: Keep the temperature in your home regulated with a programmable thermostat. There is no sense in keeping your home at a balmy temperature if you are going to be out all day. A programmable thermostat will allow you to program the temperature of your home so that heat isn’t being used and wasted while no one is home.

Energy efficient doors and windows: One of the bigger steps you can take, and that you should take at some point, is the installation of energy efficient doors and windows in your home. Old doors and windows are almost as bad as holes in your walls in regards to heating efficiency. Old windows let heat out at an alarming rate making your home heating system work twice as hard and costing you a lot more money. Newer windows are built with thick glass that works to keep the heat inside and the cold outside, reducing drafts and saving you money.

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Photo Gallery: Lantern Posts

This gallery contains 27 photos.


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Light Up Your Autumn

Hammond Lantern Post

Hammond Lantern Post with Beacon Lantern

There’s no better time to give your outdoor lighting an upgrade. As the days grow shorter the need for a little light in the driveway, walkway or at the front entry is no longer just a style choice but a practical one as well.

A lantern and post is an investment that will not only provide you with much needed light in areas of high foot traffic but one that will also boost your homes’ curb appeal. A great lantern and post will last you years and years and give you great opportunities as far as seasonal decorating and landscaping are concerned. A wreath at Christmas or a bed of flowers in the springtime – Can you picture it?

One of the most popular and versatile lantern posts is the Hammond Lantern Post. This beautifully crafted post features four recessed panels and a decorative cap, all crafted in low maintenance AZEK, an advanced wood alternative material. The Hammond Lantern Post can withstand even the coldest winter weather and requires little to no maintenance – no peeling and no rotting.

The Arlington Pillar Post

The Arlington Pillar Post

You can also add your own touches to your Hammond Lantern Post with size options as well as your choice of Sherwin Williams vinyl safe paint if the standard white doesn’t suit your outdoor aesthetic. Additionally you can add a mounted bracket that can hold a hanging hand-crafted sign of your choice.

Another popular lantern post is the beautiful Arlington Pillar Post. This post is bold and sturdy complimenting a variety of lantern styles. The Arlington features recessed panels on two sides and a decorative collar giving your home a stately look.

Each post compliments any one of the dozens of lantern styles we offer online or at our retail locations. A popular style (and the one featured in both of the above images) is the Beacon Lantern. This is a traditional lantern with single bulb and hurricane glass enclosed by four panels of glass and a beautiful brass finish. This classic lantern look also comes in a side-mount version for lighting up your front entry.

Whether your style is more traditional or contemporary we are happy to help you find the perfect lantern and post combination for your home. To see our entire range of lanterns and lantern posts visit our website or drop by a retail location.

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Exterior Lighting – Photo Gallery

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Post Mount Entry Lanterns Side-Mount Entry Lanterns   Landscape and Recessed Lighting

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Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Autumn is fast approaching which means colder temperatures and longer nights. Now is the best time to make improvements and additions to your home’s exterior before winter hits. One of the most popular items this time of year is lighting – lanterns, landscape lighting and so on.

Many locations in your yard or on the exterior of your home could use some good lighting for safety and enjoyment.

Illuminated Pergola Beams

Self-anchoring rooftop pergola with recessed lighting in Boston.

Self-anchoring rooftop pergola with recessed lighting in Boston.

If you have a pergola or outdoor space like a pavilion or covered patio you would probably like to use it more often past August. These spaces are perfect candidates for new or additional lighting.

You can choose to install recessed lighting when you are constructing the structure or add a few mounted lanterns after the fact – either way you are extending the life of your outdoor spaces. This is especially important for bars and restaurants that have outdoor seating and don’t want valuable seating space to go to waste once the sun sets before 7.


Landscape Lighting

LED landscape lighting illuminates the front of this home.

LED landscape lighting illuminates the front of this home.

If you want to add some substantial lighting to the exterior of your home LED landscape lighting is your best bet. This lighting dramatically transforms your home and yard after dark with energy efficient fixtures.

This kind of all-over lighting is also great for home safety deterring burglars and making it easier for guests to see ground level hazards on their way to the door. if you own a business this kind of lighting is essential to keep your exterior noticeable to passersby even after you have closed for the evening.


Lantern and Post Lighting

The Arlington Pillar Post topped with a Beacon lantern.

The Arlington Pillar Post topped with a Beacon lantern.

A truly functional and versatile way to add some light to your home is with a classic lantern. Whether mounted to your home or on a decorative post lanterns are an efficient, stylish and timeless lighting solution. Light up your front walkway with a classic post-mounted lantern and bring the light to the doorway with a complementing side-mounted lantern beside the front door. The options and uses are pretty endless.

Aside from the classic entry uses lanterns can provide light pretty much anywhere you want them to. Many customers choose to add lanterns to fence posts to illuminate walk and driveway gates and signs as well as to draw attention to beautiful container gardens or structures like arbors and pergolas. Classic or contemporary in a variety of finishes it’s impossible not to find the perfect lantern for your home or business.

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Transitioning To Fall

Believe it or not the seasons will soon be changing! But before the leaves begin to fall you can start taking steps to transition your outdoor spaces and gardens so they are ready for everybody’s favorite season.

Container Gardens


Nothing gets us in the autumn spirit like some classic fall decor. While your summer blooms start to wither away get started on your fall container gardens. What makes a good fall container garden? It’s all about rich, deep colors and lush greens. Fall container gardens are a lot less about colorful flowers and more about hearty plants that can sustain a good cold spell. But if you want some blooms try pansies! Surprisingly the delicate flowers are very good at tolerating colder weather as long as they are planted while there is still some warmth in the soil.

Other ways to transition your container garden include using ornamental grass to get that rustic look, as well as dark foliage plants and added touches like pumpkins or gourds.


Outdoor Lighting

As the autumn creeps in the daylight will soon become sparse. What better time to add a new lantern or lantern post to your home to light up your walk or entry? Not only will this addition make walking safer in the evening but it provides you yet another opportunity for autumn decorating. We offer lanterns and outdoor lighting in styles from classic to contemporary in both side-mount and freestanding.


Making Spaces Cozy

Beautiful pergola room with comfortable furniture.

Beautiful pergola room with comfortable furniture.

Your favorite outdoor spaces don’t need to be abandoned once the temperature dips below 70 degrees. All you need to do is add a few new cozy touches to enjoy until the first snow.

Pergolas are great spaces to use well into fall. Switch out summery patio furniture for couches or plush cushions and load up on pillows. Grab some string lights and run them around the pillars and through the top beams to add some soft light for nighttime enjoyment. Add a throw rug and place a few strategic mums and pumpkins and voila – instant fall sanctuary. Just be sure to keep an eye on the weather so you don’t have to deal with soggy pillows!

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