Pinspiration: Spring Container Gardens

Favorite Early Spring Container Gardens

March is finally here! Though spring is still a ways away the temperature will be getting warmer and snowstorms a little less severe (or at least a little farther apart). Now is the time to really get out of that winter funk and get some color in your life! Creating an early spring container garden is essential to brighten up your home and your life. You can plant your favorites or drop by a nursery and grab a few bright flowers that are in season.

Whether you prefer the wonderfully spring tulips or the bright and varied pansies you can’t go wrong. Create a wonderful arrangement to place by the door, around your lantern post, or in a window box. Here are some of our favorites on Pinterest to give you a little inspiration on where to start and what you can do!

Drop of sunshine

Go bright! Create a series of container gardens that are monochromatic and compliment each other that way. These three planters are filled with beautiful pansies that add a huge touch of gold into the bleak, chilly weather!


Window boxes are great for reflecting the changing seasons. Create a window box that is overflowing with life like the one above. Utilize lush greens and seasonal flowers to really create a sense of life and growth. Add in some violas and pansies in contrasting colors to really add some color.


Tulips are a wonderful sign of spring and a popular flowers for Easter. Use the long-stemmed flowers for your container garden to add some color. Since tulips come in so many colors have some fun creating a color palette that compliments your home the best.


When most people think of daffodils they think of a spring plant that looks best when lining a garden or along a fence. Daffodils also look great when incorporated into your container garden or window box! The popular spring flower can be found in nurseries all over the country and last well into the spring.

Check out even more ideas on our “Spring Container Gardens” board on Pinterest.



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