Protective (and Decorative) Outdoor Enclosures

Trash and Recycling Enclosure

So it’s October. This year you invested in some great new outdoor furniture, gardening tools, and outdoor accessories. While all those things are great when the temperature is balmy they become less useful as the mercury drops. But you can’t just leave them outside to get beaten up by the freezing air, snow, and rough winter wind. Now you have to store them and you (like everyone) have no extra space in your home.

A great storage shed or cubby is just what you need to keep your spring and summer outdoor tools and accessories safe from the cold. But winter is just around the corner – so you better act fast!

Trash Enclosure

This Trash and Recycling Enclosure is brilliantly practical and aesthetically pleasing! Gone are the days of digging out your bins and then dragging them through the snow to be picked up. Keep your trash and recycling bin in this beautiful cedar enclosure and never have to dig out a barrel again! This enclosure is also much nicer to look at than a gathering of barrels brimming with garbage in your side yard. In the warmer months this also keeps raccoons and other animals away, better protecting the small animals and children in your home.

Cedar Cubby With Arched Door

Cedar Cubby

Keep your gardening tools and accessories out of the cold in this Cedar Cubby with an Arched Door! This storage shed is the perfect size for all of your warm weather accessories and is sleek and charming in its’ design. The double doors have heavy galvanized hinges and open wide to easily move larger items in and out. If you love the look also take a peak at our Cedar Cubby with Paneled Doors!

Storage Shed or Shelter Bench

This next cedar enclosure can be used as both a storage shed and a shelter bench! When you were a kid waiting for the school bus didn’t you always think it would be nice to be sheltered from the cold winter air? Simply remove the doors and add a bench and you have a nice little rest area that is protected from the elements. With the doors and ramp the structure serves as a great storage shed for all of your outdoor accessories.



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