Real Rustic: Wood Fencing

Wood Fencing To Suit Your Tastes

A fence is more than just a barrier between your property and you neighbors, it’s a part of the outdoor atmosphere of your home.

rustic bark on cedar fence - Walpole Outdoors

This rustic bark on Cedar fence has a great deal of natural character.

Fences come in all shapes and sizes in a myriad of materials, finishes, and colors. Depending on your personal taste you could opt for a vinyl fence, wood fence, or a metal fence. Each option comes with its own charming characteristics and maintenance requirements.

The classic choice has been, and likely always will be, a wood fence. The wood fence is timeless and rustic. Many vinyl fences are actually made to look like wood because the style is so popular. Buy what is so great about getting a wood fence? What makes it right for your home? What does it have that the other options don’t?

  • Rustic feel: If you want your property to have a natural, rustic feel then a wood fence is really the only option. Though vinyl technology has come a long way it cannot mimic the natural look of wood. A natural fence looks great in a country atmosphere guarding a wild garden of flowers and greenery.
  • Options: With a wood fence you get many options. And all of those options can be molded and customized to exactly what you are looking for. Your options are varied, from the classic look of the white picket fence to the high panels of a privacy fence to the worn, natural look of a country fence. Wood is easier to customize so there are many styles to choose from.
  • Benjamin Waller Williamsburg Fence - Walpole Outdoors

    The Benjamin Waller Williamsburg Fence

    Changeability: A great aspect of wood fencing is that it can be changed. In a few years if you aren’t enjoying the natural look anymore you can easily as a coat of paint to get an entirely different look. Vinyl comes in prefabricated colors, usually white, gray, or cream and cannot be easily painted over. So if you want something that can change with your taste, go with wood.

  • Price: Compared to vinyl and metal, wood fencing is the more affordable option. Though it may take longer to install (vinyl comes in nice pre-made panels) it is generally a more affordable option.

Whatever your style a wood fence can be the right choice for you. Browse through our large selection of wood fencing options to find the right one for your home.



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