Security and Style: Custom Railings

Jamestown Railing and Gate

A custom fence is a great way to provide some safety and security to your property but you shouldn’t forget about the raised structures at your home that need a little security and style of their own.

A custom railing installation is the easiest way to add a little bit of style to your property while securing your raised structures so people are safer while they enjoy them. From decks to porches to raised walkways to balconies – railings serve and important purpose in keeping people safe at your home.

Like fencing your options for railings are varied depending on your style and material preferences. Want a great wood railing to match the natural look of your home? No problem. Want a sleek white vinyl railing to perfectly match your classic fence? No problem. Want an iron railing to match your regal entryway? Go for it.

  • One of our favorites is the Jamestown Railing and Gate, a classic white railing that fits perfectly around a patio or pool and features a dramatic column entrance astride a convex scallop top gate.
  • Another great look is the Lattice Railing. Here a handcrafted Board and Lattice Fence aesthetically balance the cedar railing. Both railing and fence can now be crafted in solid cellular PVC and prefinished with Sherwin Williams vinyl safe paints.
  • If you are looking for something a little less about security and more about style then try this beautiful Rustic Railing. There are occasions when simple is the ideal solution, and on this path the Rustic Single Railing is a wise choice.
  • Another great look is the Pendleton Curved Railing. The drama of these expansive front porches are matched by low maintenance cellular PVC Pendelton Railings. A curved section follows the footprint of the lower porch. This light and airy railing is ably secured by 6″ x 6″ recessed paneled newel posts.

Pendleton Curved Railing

Whichever material and style you choose Walpole Woodworkers can custom install it to your specifications to make sure it fits in perfectly with your existing exterior home décor. Think it’s too late in the season for an outdoor installation? Browse through our selection and start making plans for the spring!



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