Early Spring Sale: Lanterns

All Lanterns 20% Off

Lexington Post Mount Lantern

Don’t wait until the flowers are blooming to make your springtime purchases! In celebration of the upcoming growing season, Walpole Outdoors has reduced the price on a number of great outdoor products that will make your home amazing this year.

First up: lanterns. No matter where you live or what your home aesthetic is you can always use a beautiful Walpole lantern. Our lanterns are made with quality materials in a number of different designs and fixtures. And now, with all of our current styles at a whopping 20 percent off, you can afford exactly what you want and then some! A 20 percent discount on the best lanterns money can buy should certainly soften those winter blues!

At present we offer lantern designs that fit in with a variety of styles ranging from classic to colonial to contemporary in a variety of colors crafted in copper, bronze, and brass.

Augusta Side Mount Lantern

If your home doesn’t have an outdoor lantern right now do some planning to see which variety is right for you. Do you have a long driveway you like to garden along? If so you might want to go for a post-mount lantern so you can add some landscaping touches around the post! You can also dress it up with a house number and some delightful holiday decorations. A great functional accessory for any home!

If you don’t like the post-mount lanterns then you are in luck, we have a great variety of hanging and side-mount lanterns as well! Side-mount lanterns are great to place next to your front door or a door you utilize the most. The beautifully constructed piece will give you home a charming touch and make getting in and out in the dark a little easier.¬†Our selection of hanging lanterns is also great with a true range of styles in lanterns that gracefully hang overhead or settle flush with the ceiling.

Browse our large selection now online or drop in one of our nationwide locations and talk to an outdoors expert to select the perfect lantern for your home!



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