Welcome Fall With An Autumn Entryway


You have the beautiful railings, the classic shutters, the timeless lantern, and structured trellis – now you have to do something with them.

Summer is over. At this point, unless you have a field of asters and Chinese bellflowers, your garden is rapidly dying. But your home doesn’t have to look like it’s in its autumn decay as well.

Your front entryway is the prime décor location of your home. No place gets more looks or foot traffic on a daily basis. That’s why it’s important to dress up your front doorway for the season.

When decorating for the fall utilize all of the structures already on your porch and at your doorstep.


The most traditional of all fall décor items is the pumpkin. If you want a seasonal style dress up your stairs with some simple un-carved pumpkins. Buy a few in varying sizes and place one on each step along the far left. At the top place a large, medium, and small pumpkin together. If you love Halloween carve them and create that haunting effect! Great additions to the traditional orange are a few white and green pumpkins or a few gourds. If you don’t love the pumpkin itself you can find some great rustic wood pumpkins or make them yourself.


After you line your steps with pumpkins mix in some greenery and color. Arrange, in some rustic pots, fall flower displays with mums, Mexican sage, and sedum. Another idea is to take a planter or vintage washtub and fill it with fall greenery mixed with some berries and wheat stems. The colors will complement each other while creating a rustic and welcoming entry display.


Create a personal touch for your family and carve each person’s initials on one of your doorstep pumpkins. If you have a large family and a small entryway just go with a single initial for the family name.

Urns and Planters

Take an urn or planter and fill it with gourds of varying shapes, color, and sizes. This will create a beautiful and incredibly simple arrangement that is easy to maintain. Fall is all about the harvest so utilize all of the vintage or antique washtubs, planters, watering cans, baskets, and wheelbarrows you have. All look lovely filled with leaves, gourds, pinecones, and greenery.

Take these fall décor tips and apply them wherever you desire. Add a few fall leaves to your shutters while adding a few shimmering lights to your doorway trellis.  Pumpkins, fall plants, and gourds also look great one of our versatile planters or window boxes. Start your decorating now – before winter rolls in!



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