Winter Landscape Maintenance and Preparation

Prepping and Maintaining Your Landscape in Winter

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During the cold your time outside tending to your garden and winter landscape diminish drastically. But just because you aren’t out there everyday doesn’t mean your plants don’t need you! Your shrubs, trees, lawn, and other outdoor landscape plants need some attention during the winter to make sure they are protected from the elements and ready to spring back to life when the weather warms up.

Vine Pruning: A great thing to do in preparation for spring is to trim vines during the winter. Winter is the best time for this because the leaves have fallen off of most plants so you have a clear view of where the vines are growing and where they might be a bit out of control. Doing a little pruning during the cold can save some of your plants from invasion during the spring. Also take some time to focus on vines growing around your arbors or lattices so they are in prime condition come spring.

Shrubs and Plants: For the most part outdoor landscaping utilizes strong plants that can last throughout the year — but they can still be silently suffering. Make sure you check in on your shrubs, trees, and evergreens to make sure they are not being smothered by the snow and have ample ground insulation.

Evergreens generally take on a slight bronze hue in the winter but if they are entirely brown you have a problem. Even though it is wet outside make sure they are adequately watered (when it is not freezing) and make sure there is a fresh coating of mulch at the base of trees and shrubs to keep the roots protected. Always make sure to take a walk around your yard after a storm to make sure everything is upright and debris has not fallen on your plants.

Grasses: If your garden or yard features some ornamental grasses then winter is the perfect time to do a little pruning there. So long as there is no snow covering them cutting back the grass should be easy with some good garden tools. The winter makes this easier because like vine pruning, there aren’t a lot of other plants growing around them so you can clearly see what you are doing.



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